In June of 2003, Matthew Hopson-Walker, an artist and teacher in (at the time, now in Fresno, CA) Iowa City, asked me to come abroad developing soundscapes for his printed and drawn material. The project has taken off in many ways we didn’t think possible. In late winter of 2003, we finished production of Fire Arms.#4, where it has been released and distributed through Kronosonic Records. We have had full-rotation internet-radio play with the 7th largest rated radio station in the country:, as well as had reviews and interviews on various web-based affiliates.
This book/CD is an artist extrapolation of our ideas on pop culture society and a postmodern critique on social problems in the United States. We find that not many artists are working with the combination of moving and non-moving images. The soundprint is an interesting model for the incorporation of flat, gallery art to have a physical presence other than an image that is hung on the wall. By adding this new dimension we include an obvious presence that inflicts on the space through its aural resonance.

This piece was selected by the Franklin Furnace Archive (the Multimedia division of the Museum of Modern Art New York) to be in their permanent collection. It is a Sound and Graphic Arts book collaboration with friend and colleague Matthew Hopson-Walker, expressing the evils of war and social persecution that is enforced by a government not interested in Public opinion.

Fire Arms. #4
Fire Arms. #4