What is the aural presence of simultaneity?  Can we be present in more than one physical space at a time?  Besides the obvious social and cultural ramifications with which we listen to our sonic environment, and the addressing of mobile technologies that pursue this very subject, Threshold: Listening_IN_Between questions the experience of a “physical multiplicity of being”.  Threshold: Listening_IN_Between is an attempt at creating a sonic-sculpture where the observer-listener is hoisted into a system that defies our current sense of a fixed physical space and addresses the phenomenological pretenses of what we may believe to be the ever-present “now-space”.  Aural multiplicity breaks down the concretized space into incremental stages of change between the actualized space and the predetermined position of speakers and microphones which are to be located throughout the exhibition and surrounding spaces.
As one moves amongst the emitters (speakers), the auditioner may listen to all of the 4 individually miked spaces and the blending of the 4.  The rotating locations of the 4 positions of the microphones (spaces 1-4) allows for the observer to experience the transposition and blending of space.  Consequently, the auditioner’s proximity to the speaker shift invokes the creation of a newly formed listening space.  The new acoustic space is transformed even by moving in small increments between the speaker positions.

This environmental sound installation acts as an interface for experiencing sonic multiplicity through the acoustic blending of four different aural spaces.  The variable location of 4 floating wireless microphones, which rotate by the implementation of “chance operations”, may move to 4 of any of the 400 potential placements in surrounding area of the exhibition space.  A computer program is used to execute the on/off position of the microphones and the assignments of that signal to the various positions of the 4 speakers.  These acoustic spaces are emitted through the 4 overhead speakers located in various, yet to be determined positions in the gallery or exhibition space.

Threshold: Listening_IN_Between
Threshold: Listening_IN_Between
Sound Installation - 4-Wireless Microphones, 4-Speaker sound system, audio interface, Laptop, Software.