Kristian Derek Ball designs sound and writes music for theatre, web media and film companies both nationally and internationally. He is also an accomplished live and recording engineer having produced music with various artists and musicians worldwide. His work is featured with Franklin Furnace Archive (New York MoMA), Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City), Lehigh University Art Gallery (Bethlehem) and Sonic Circuits (Washington DC). He is also an author and lecturer in Sound Studies having most recently been published in Leonardo Music Journal-MIT Press and Palgrave Macmillan. He received his MFA in Sound Design-Music Technology at University of Missouri, Kansas City and BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in Sound Art for Performance, New Media and Installation. He currently lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with his wife and 3 children.


What is this fleeting moment? Where the ground and my body meet with the air encapsulating my skin, inside and my thoughts, electric try to hold, for in a moment, this moment will be gone. I sit, memory in-tranced and in-transit to the place I just thought I was. But it is gone. Being constantly touched from near and afar, there are no ear-lids to let me escape from the pool with which I, and we are all swimming and sometimes drowning. Selective as hearing can be, apathy is not where we live, for the listener is a seeker, a creator soft and still and sometimes clamorous and noisy. To participate with your surroundings is to engage with the deepest part of the self. Not to submit to hiding behind that which glows and evaporates thought and contemplation, but immerse and be present with consciousness.