• I'm in Toronto, February 17-19

    I'm in Toronto, February 17-19

    I am proud to announce my sound installation, Threshold: Listening_In_Between, was chosen to be presented at the transX Transmission Art Symposium, February 16-19, 2017, as part of the Deep Wireless Festival and Radio Transmission Art in Toronto. The piece will be at the DisPersion Lab (York University) on Geary Lane. I will also be giving an artist’s talk in relationship to my work and the symposium’s theme of “wireless transmissions”

  • Dear Friends!!

    I just wanted you the know of a new publication of which I have coauthored a chapter: Reframing Immersive Theatre. This work as a collective of pieces on immersive theater. Ours in particular, is about sound and immersive theater with a particular “listening-in” to a production in London's West End from Dr. George Home-Cook. He is a phenomenologist, theater researcher and practitioner. This chapter is derived from a series of conversations we’ve had on the relationship of phenomenology and sensual perception of sound design in immersive theater. Please also find his recent book, Theatre and Aural Attention, released last year.

    Listening forward for all of your new and forthcoming work.
    All the best!

  • True West is now open! Visit www.touchstonetheatre.org for tickets!

    Joshua Neth, Artistic Director of Allentown Public Theatre states, "As always, your design adds such richness to the world of our play. As an actor I really appreciate how your compositions help me fully fall into that world. You are truly great at what you do."

  • Newsletter 2015- Winter

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    I hope the New Year is finding you well. As we move through the beginning of the year, I am pleased to announce some very exciting news.

    Currently, I am designing sound and composing music for the Allentown Public Theatre production of True West by Sam Shepard, directed by Jim Peck. This show will be presented at the Touchstone Theatre in Bethlehem, PA. www.touchstone.org. Feb. 19 - Mar.1.
    In late March, I will be at Arizona State University installing a new sound art installation piece inspired by the topic of ecological awareness. The Balance-Unbalance International Conference ,(where my installation will be on exhibit) brings multiple disciplines together to explore intersections between nature, art, science, new technologies, aid agencies and society.

    In April I will be busy with two productions: Touchstone Theatre’s production of their epic project Journey from the East and Muhlenberg College’s 2014-15 production of Romeo & Juliet.

    Palgrave MacMillian will be publishing, Immersed in Sound: Kursk and the Phenomenology of Aural Experience; George Home-Cook in conversation with Kristian Derek Ball. A partial chapter for: Framing Immersive Theatre and Performance: The Politics of Participation, (ed) James Frieze.

    There will be more exciting news as we move through the year as more work develops. As always, you can hear all my additional work and projects at www.kristianderekball.com.

    Thank you all for your continued support and inspiration. Please keep in touch with all your upcoming projects as well!

    Listening Forward!